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Our onions

“Doux Saint-André®
(Cévennes PDO sweet onions)

This sweet onion from the Cévennes has a satiny outer skin and is known for its tender texture and delicate flavour. Raw, it is surprisingly mild. Cooked, it has a sweet flavour. It is grown on terraces, a unique environment: a dry climate but with the acid sandy soil regularly watered.

“Oignon doux des Cévennes” is rewarded by the french award : “AOC : Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” (PDO : Protected Designation of Origin).

It is produced according to a very strict specification. Grading is extremely rigorous, guaranteeing a homogenous product.

This onion is available :

 > From August to March (depending on weather conditions)

> In nets (500g and 1kg) and in 10 kg boxes.


 Oignon doux des Cévennes, Doux Saint-André


“Oignon de Roscoff AOC”
(Roscoff PDO onions)

Roscoff onions are known for their coppery pink colour and fruity aroma.

The region where this onion is grown, its reputation, the expertise of its growers and its taste qualities were rewarded by the award of a PDO (Protected Designation og Origin) in 2009.

Raw in salads or in a plate of crudités, it is enjoyed for its sweet fruity flavour, juicy texture and crispness. In cooking, it softens quickly and its sweet flavour is enhanced, making it the perfect accompaniment to meat dishes or foie gras…

This onion is Available :

> From August to April

> Available in bunches or 5 kg bags.


 oignon de Roscoff

White onions

White onions are known for their juicy texture and crunchiness.

We source these onions from Spain, Argentina and Mexico.


 oignon blanc

Red onions

Red onions are the most sweet. They are most often eaten raw and enjoyed for their crisp and juicy texture and red colour, adding a bright touch to salads.

Depending on the season, we source this onion from Italy, the Netherlands or Spain.


 oignon rouge

Yellow onions

Yellow onions, the most familiar of all, are ready early in the season and very productive.

We supply the traditional French yellow onion, and others imported from elsewhere in Europe, the Netherlands and Italy in particular.

This onion is available :

> From August to February

> In two sizes – small or large

> In a range of packagings : 5, 10 or 25 kg bags and 10 kg boxes.


 oignon jaune

Pearl or cocktail onions

Pearl onions are tiny yellow or white onions.

They are eaten raw, cooked as a garnish, used in preserves or pickled in vinegar.

We source these onions from Italy or the Netherlands.

Available in 250 or 500 g nets or in 5 kg bags.


 oignon grelot

Culture d’oignons doux en terrasses à Taleyrac, dans les Cévennes

Growing of Cévennes PDO sweet onions at Taleyrac.