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An international standard-setter.

The history of the Kerléguer family, its specialist expertise in the onion and garlic trade, its commitment to quality and customer service have been deeply instilled in its heritage for four generations…

Rungis 2010


More than 1,200 companies, 12,000 employees, 1,500,000 tonnes of produce delivered: Rungis is the largest fresh produce market in the world.

This modern market has been designed to ensure regional produce is properly promoted. It is a place where the emphasis is on good, well-sourced produce.

Rungis sells a wide range of high quality produce and can supply large quantities as required.

Its ideal location makes it an unparalleled platform for the distribution of fresh produce throughout France and Europe.

Established at Rungis since it first opened (and even before, see our story), Kerléguer has all the advantages required to develop the quality of its service there and its national and international customer base.

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