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Our potatoes

New potatoes from Brittany

New potatoes from Brittany have thin, fine skins, easily scraped off. They are picked by hand and then gently washed. They owe their sweet flavour to the earliness of the harvest: the sugars have not yet converted into starch. Result : they melt in the mouth and everyone loves their sweet flavour. 

However, the season is short : they are only available in May, June and July.


We supply these potatoes in wooden boxes.

pomme de terre primeur


Potatoes from Brittany

We supply a wide choice of potatoes :

firm-fleshed (varieties : Charlotte, Amandine… New varieties have also been selected : Celtiane, Léontine…).
deep pink flesh (varieties : Chérie, Roseval, Franceline…).
floury (varieties : Agata, Samba…).

All these varieties are supplied in 12.5 kg boxes.

We also supply « grenaille » or baby potatoes (less than 28 mm, 30-35 mm or 35-38 mm) in 10 or 12.5 kg boxes.

Pomme de terre de consommation charlotte, amandine




We supply a whole range of regional speciality small potatoes (small and medium size) :

Noirmoutier potatoes

Île de Ré potatoes

Le Touquet ratte potatoes

Picardie ratte potatoes

Pomme de terre ratte 


Vitelotte potatoes

Vitelotte potatoes have dark violet-blue flesh and a deep purple skin.

They are highly prized by leading chefs for their delicious nutty flavour.

 pomme de terre vitelotte à chair violette

Culture de pommes de terre primeurs sur l'île de Batz, en Finistère

Growing of patatoes ('île de Batz - Finistère)