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Our shallots

Traditional Brittany shallots

> Crisp and crunchy

> Rich, floral and fragrant flavours

> Coppery pink skin

> Shallots keep from harvest to harvest.

After planting by hand very early in the year, the shallot forms new bulbs : up to a dozen bulbs grow around the original one and continue increasing in size until July. This is known as vegetative reproduction. 80 % of the shallots grown in France come from North Finistère.

We sell a number of varieties of the traditional shallot : long (darker), semi-long and all grades.

> Available in differents varieties : long (darker), semi-long and all grades

> Shallots keep from harvest to harvest.

> Available in a variety of packagings :
250 g net, 500 g string, « hand peeled » in trays and 5 kg bags.


 échalote traditionnelle de Bretagne


Grey shallots

> Grey skins and tough outer skin

> Pronounced and piquant flavour

> Perfect for a Béarnaise sauce or shallot vinegar for serving with oysters

We source most of our supplies in Drôme.

Available in 5 kg bags only from July to October.


 échalote grise


The echalion or banana shallot is not really a shallot. Unlike shallots, the echalion has only one, elongated bulb, and is grown from seed.

We offer two sizes : large and small.
Available in 5 kg bags.


 Culture d'échalote traditionnelle en Bretagne

Growing of traditional Brittany shallots